Slide Shows of Juneau, Alaska:

Here are the KWL comments from the 5th graders in Deer Isle-Stonington. Linda Weed, teacher
  • crab fishermen fish in Alaska
  • The sea around Alaska is called the Bering Sea

  • The temperature is usually below 0 Since it is so cold, Alaska gets a lot of snow and ice.
> The people have snow dog races

  • For animals, they have penguins
  • There is global warming going on and there are a bunch of glaciers

  • It has a lot of mountains
  • The people have snowmobiles instead of cars
> There is a time difference Juneau is the capital city
What we want to know

  • What is the coldest tempertaure there?
  • What is the warmest temperature there?
  • How many islands does Alaska have?
  • How many different kinds of penguins does Alaska have?
  • Do they talk a different language?
  • Are there houses?
  • What kind of fish do they have?
  • How do the kids go to school?
  • Do they look different from us?
  • Do they wear snowpants all day?
  • What is the season in October?
  • How many people are in your school?
  • How many kids are in the 5th grade?
  • What are some of the names of people (Native American) and animals?
  • What time is it there if it's 4 a.m. here?
  • What month and season and day is it there?
  • and polar bears and penguins

Here are some short biographies of the fifth graders at Deer Isle-Stonington Elementary School.

My name is Ashley and my nickname is Strawberry. I’m 11 years old. My birthday is February 19th. I live in Deer Isle. Deer Isle and Stonington are the two towns on our island. My favorite color is purple. My favorite place is Florida. My favorite food is a McChicken from McDonald’s. My favorite sport is volley ball. My favorite game is Rock Band and my favorite singer is Reba McEntire.

My name is Jordin Eaton. I am 12 years old. My birthday is December 11. I live in Deer Isle, Maine. My nickname is Jojo.

My name is Matthew and I live in Deer Isle, Maine. I am 11 years old and my birthday is on November 9th. My favorite color is blue and my favorite place is at home. My favorite sport is football.

Hi, my name is Tyler. I live in Stonington, ME. I have a nickname: Pancake. I was born on July,13,1998 and I was born in Bangor, ME. I’m 11 years old. My favorite color is red, my favorite place is Hershey, PA, my favorite food is cheese, my favorite console is a Wii, my favorite game is Grand Theft Audo IV, my favorite band is Green Day, and my favorite song by Green Day is 21 Guns.

Yo! My name is Jess but my nickname is Coco and I’m 11 years old. My birthday is on October 28 and I live in Deer Isle. Our island has two towns. One is Deer Isle and the other is Stonington. My favorite foods are cheese pizza, pancakes, and ice cream. The foods I dislike are spinach, most chowders,and lemon cake. My favorite months are the summer months, and December and October. Bye for now!

Hi! My name is Madison, but my friends and family call me Madie. I am 10 years old and my birthday is June 24. Our island as two towns, Deer Isle and Stonington and I live in Stonington. I like all colors except red, black and gray. But the color I like the most is pearl. My favorite food is mac ‘n’ cheese by Kraft. My favorite places on the island are the beach down in front of my house, my room, and during winter, the ice skating rink down town. My best sport or the ones I like most are softball, and if you call dancing a sport that would be one of my best also.

My name is Jordyn. There are two towns on the island and they are Deer Isle and Stonington. I live in Deer Isle. I was born on April 20th, 1999 which makes me 10 and almost 11. My favorite color is bright green, my favorite place is in a hotel in New Hampshire, my favorite food would have to be mac and cheese, my favorite drink is root beer, my favorite sport is badmintton and my favorite game is Othello. My favorite subject in school is spelling and I am very good at it. I also have a little sister and her name is Marissa.

Hello my name is Caitlyn. I think it is pretty cool because you can spell it 4 or 5 different ways. My friends call me B.B. Gummy or Bubblegum. I am 11 years old and my Birthday is November 24th and I live in Deer Isle . Our island has two different towns, Deer Isle and Stonington. My favorite color is green and violet, but I pretty much like all colors. But I don’t really like the color brown that much. My favorite two places in the town are the Lily Pond and the ice cream shop/arcade . I think they have the best ice cream ever, but my favorite food is soft shell tacos. I guess that’s all you need to know. Bye.

My name is Dustin and I live in Deer Isle, Maine . My birthday is January 20 1999. Here are a couple of things I do on my free time. The best thing I do on my free time is I like to go fishing. I also like to ride my bike and my four wheeler.

My name is Kristina. I am 10, but I will be 11 in on January 19, a few weeks from now. I live in Stonington. Our Island has 2 towns, Deer Isle and Stonington. My favorite colors are pink, gold and silver. My favorite food is milk chocolate, regular M&M’s. My favorite video game is Fallout 3. Last year it was “game of the year”. My favorite place to go to is my grandmother’s house. My favorite kind of music is rock.

My name is Ethan and here’s some stuff about me. My fear is Ghosts in this old house down my road which I think is haunted by a boy that died from the flu 29 years ago in that house. BOO! I go to Florida every 2 years, and this is the year I go to Universal Studios. My mom might bring me indoor skydiving. You might think I’m rich, but my dad’s pay for lobsters jumped up and we had some free money for Florida. My favorite thing to do is sleep in on Saturday morning. My favorite color is lime green. My favorite candy is gumdrops and taffy, yellow taffy. My favorite video game was Left 4 Dead, but now it is Left 4 Dead 2. That's all for now. See ya.

My name is Mason. I’m ten. My birthday is April 7th. I live in Deer Isle and there are two towns on our island. Stonington is legendary for its granite. My favorite games are Roblox, Little Big Planet, and Uno. My favorite songs are Cornman by kinky, Alats, Bodies, Devil went down to Georgia, and anything by Smashmouth. My favorite color is blue. I like pie!!