Swapping Fish Stories: Alaska to Maine

Project Summary: Partners in Education teams from Deer Isle Maine and Juneau, Alaska use and adapt the Kennedy Center's Changing Education Through the Arts (CETA) framework to deepen their school wide commitment to reform and arts integrated instruction. Local Teaching Artists are involved in a two year professional development sequence for and with teachers and administrators that emphasizes embedded classroom modeling and four weekend Arts Retreats. The project focuses on Investigation, Communication, Collaboration, Creation and Reflection as central themes and processes for teachers and students. Throughout the year teams will work with students in grades 4-12 in four schools, to produce a collaborative performance piece that reflects the similarities, differences, and learning opportunities between the fishing cultures at the heart of both communities.

Intended Outcomes: 24 teachers, administrators and Teaching Artists in Deer Isle, Maine and Juneau, Alaska will:
  1. INVESTIGATE local cultural perspectives, around the topics of fishing and marine ecosystems, through creative interview processes with fishermen and related community members;
  2. Learn to use and teach digital media and environments to COMMUNICATE, COLLABORATE and CREATE writing, music and visual arts focused on locally relevant issues (fish depletion; subsistence/sustainable fishing; environmental regulations such as whale regulations; and tourism/cruise ship impacts, etc.) with national/global implications (international trading, climate change, etc.);
  3. CREATE writing, original music and visual arts to produce a performance with students, either for film or stage, based on interviews and the study of fishing /marine ecosystems, including REFLECTIONS on the collaborative process within and across the communities.

In addition to the core team of 24 staff/Teaching Artists from four schools, an additional 50 teachers from the two districts will participate in professional development opportunities.

Performance Measurements: Using a process of reflective evaluation for students, administrators, and teachers, 24 teachers, administrators and local Teaching Artists will:
  • Deepen understanding of CETA stages as indicated on pre-post project surveys and interviews, and devise locally realistic strategies to advance 4 schools along the continuum.
  • Participate actively in 4 weekend Arts Retreats over the two year period, focused on Investigations, digital Communications, Creations and Reflections, and on-going, classroom embedded professional development.
  • Produce a collaborative performance piece with students, shared through digital technologies, live performances and publications.

Slide Show of Deer Isle, Maine:

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Important Meetings and Events:

2011 Dates:
  • Mar 21-April 2: Ryan Conarro's Maine residency and performance event
  • May 9-May 21: Ryan Conarro's Juneau residency and performance event at TMHS

2010 Dates:
  • AK monthly meeting: September 25th, 5 p.m at GW Teal
  • Audio Conference between AK and ME: Monday, October 5th - 11:15 - 11:45 in GV Conference Room
  • November 14th AK Arts Retreat with Multi-Media Artist, Sheridan Kelley:
  • Week of November 16th: Embedded classroom based professional development with Sheridan Kelley in both schools
  • November 17th, 3:15 EST. Video Conference between Alaska and Maine.
  • Mon January 4th (4-7pm) and Sat January 9th (10am-4pm): AK Arts Retreat with Theater Artist and Journalist Ryan Conarro at Thunder Mountain High
  • January 4-22: Embedded classroom based professional development with Ryan Conarro in both Juneau schools (combined with artist in schools residency work based at Glacier Valley)
  • December 4th - 10th: Maine visual artist, Sarah Doremus, travels to Juneau to provide professional development for THMS and Glacier Valley staff.