GV - Peel & McFarlin

REFLECTIONS from the multi-age 4th & 5th grade Glacier Valley teachers

September 2009:
  • Drama with Roblin Davis - Roblin Davis joined us in our classrooms for 4 weeks of intensive drama introduction. We were together for the first month of school and were hoping for team building and laying the foundations for our year long study of ecosystems. We explored experiences through our bodies, followed by verbalizing and ending with written expressions of our learning. Skills taught included: Tableau, using actor's tools, scientific observation followed by embodiment of what was observed. We ended with a field trip to Point Louisa Beach. Students were treated to a glorious day to observe, create and interact with the ocean ecosystem that they live so close to.

November 2009:
  • Roblin Davis' continued influence in our classrooms - Students continue to use what was experienced with our friend "Mr. Roblin". The skills taught and played with have been used for text and vocabulary comprehension as well as enhancing students' ability to write clearly and visualize effectively.

January 2010
  • Collecting interviews with Ryan Conarro - This first three weeks back from the holiday break has been fast and furious. Ryan Conarro has been working with our classes to collect interviews from local fishermen, native elders, researchers and other users of our fisheries in Juneau. Students have worked hard at developing topic and follow-up questions. They have shown great professional behavior and the response from the interviewees has been tremendous. The stories will be rich with many perspectives.
  • Loading iphoto shows and imovies - John Wahl has been working to load up our responses to the KWL on the wiki. Stay tuned.... Check often.
  • Slide shows are now online: Link here!