FISH Planning Meeting Notes
Juneau – Thunder Mountain High School
Present at meeting: Annie Calkins; Kristin Garot; Nancy Peel; Florence Hayward; Kim Frangos; Thomas Fletcher; Kathleen Galau; Jan Neimeyer; John Wahl; Ryan Conarro

- Nancy / GV teachers create a January class visit schedule for Ryan using his calendar
- Nancy & Jan plan when TMHS ‘production team’ students can go to Glacier Valley during week of Jan 11 for recording interviews
- Ryan & Fletcher continue to brainstorm Alaskan interviewee names, under the headings of various sub-themes (such as economics; science; culture)
- Ryan, Jan, and John do crash course with TMHS students in videography next week (Thurs Dec 17 and Fri Dec 18)
- Ryan communicate with John to include a tech element in January workshop
- Ryan begin scheduling interviews for January

- Ryan’s staff development workshop and residency at Glacier Valley in January will function as a way to kick off the interviewing process in earnest for the Fish Project

- We anticipate that interviews will continue throughout the semester. Kathleen Galau, for example (TMHS Science), has plans for her students to do interviews in spring as more fishing seasons are opening.

- Nancy Peel (Glacier Valley) has agreed to host all of Juneau’s interview resource material on her classroom hard drive. This will help us keep the materials organized and accessible.

- Nancy articulated the Essential Question of the January interviews to fit with the intermediate curriculum at GV (ecosystems and interrelationships): ‘Why should we care about fish? How do the fish affect me, my life, and my world?’
- With this in mind, Fletcher and Ryan are compiling a list of interviewees who can touch on a range of ways that fish affect our community (fishermen; Native elders; state policy makers; environmental advocacy leaders; consumers)

-Ryan’s workshop will be ‘Gathering Interviews, Creating Stories,’ and will include guidance from John Wahl on using video
*Jan 4, 4-7pm – Workshop #1, TMHS
*Jan 9, 10-4pm – Workshop #2, TMHS

- The structure of Ryan’s residency will be as follows
Jan 4-8 (Week 1 at GV) – Telling Stories: how and why we interview; drama skill-building
Jan 11-15 (Week 2 at GV) – begin conducting interviews… with Jan Niemeyer’s students on film…possibly arrange some FIELD INTERVIEWS
Jan 18-22 (Week 3 at GV) – complete this batch of interviews and interpret them in a ‘workshop’ performance event by GV students.

- Ryan may work with Nancy, Kim, and Florence at GV to create interview teams: Fishing Practices Team; Fishing History Team; Fishing Policy Team; etc
- Florence Hayward (GV) suggested a ‘Fish Bowl’ structure for classroom interviews: the interviewees are questioned by individual students, with the whole class watching and listening

- Sarah Conarro (TMHS Visual Arts) requests that all tangible materials from this project go to her classroom after they’re used (letters; images; student-created drawings; printed interview questions….). She has draft plans for a scenic collage that will incorporate elements from the project work.