Meeting with staff from Thunder Mountain High School, November 14, 2009

Greetings All! Kathleen Galau and Jan Neimeyer meet with the Glacier Valley teachers, Annie Calkins,
John Wahl, and Linda Frame. Our special guest was Sheridan K. from Maine. We have had the opportunity
to finally meet as a high school group and interact with our GV collegues. Many ideas are being generated,
and we are learning much from Sheridan about media and technology.

We are missing Kristen Garot who is currently in Sitka, but it is our hope to have the the TMHS teachers
meet sometime this week with Sheridan.

As of date, Jan Neimeyer has had some of her students in the Digital Arts class go out on field trips with
Kim Frango's class to document the fish processing plant and fish hatchery.

Kathleen Galau 2-11-2010

Here are some of the students in my advisory. They would like some pen pals in Maine from our sister high school. They have written short introductions.
Hey my name is Katie Paden I'm 17 and live in Juneau AK, WE DO HAVE PENGUINS!!!!!! AND POLAR BEARS(in Juneau)! (I am on the right) just wanted to put out a hey to all you sister schoolers! Write to me back!<3 Katie

Hey my name is Kari McHugh (I am on the left) im 16 years old and i live in Juneau alaska. Write me back please!

<3 Karie
Hey Karie and Katie this is the Fish Tales class from deer Isle - everyone wants to know what penguins and polar bears look like - just kidding. We want to know your facebook pages so we can write and be friends forever. Nick Trundy's phone number is 207 479 6141. Text him. We have just taken a lot of photos of Deer Isle and will post them for you next week. Most people here fish for lobsters, rock crab and scallops - and shrimp and urchins and halibut. We do seining for herring.